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Last Updated 16-07-2019
Claim Procedure

The settlement of claims is a very important aspect of service to the policy holders. The procedure for settlement of maturity and death claims is detailed below :

Maturity Claims:

1) In case of Endowment type of Policies, amount is payable at the end of the policy period. The Branch Office which services the policy sends out a letter informing the date on which the policy monies are payable to the policyholder at least two months before the due date of payment. The policyholder is requested to return the Discharge Form duly completed along with the Policy Document. On receipt of these two documents post dated cheque is sent by post so as to reach the policyholder before the due date.

2) Some Plans like Money Back Policies provide for periodical payments to the policyholders provided premium due under the policies are paid up to the anniversary due for Survival Benefit. In these cases where amount payable is less than up to Rs.60,000/-, cheques are released without calling for the Discharge Receipt or Policy Document. However, in case of higher amounts these two requirements are insisted upon.

Death Claims:

       The death claim amount is payable in case of policies where premiums are paid up-to-date or where the death occurs within the days of grace. On receipt of intimation of death of the Life Assured the Branch Office calls for the following requirements:

a) Claim form A – Claimant’s Statement giving details of the deceased and the claimant.
b) Certified extract from Death Register
c) Documentary proof of age, if age is not admitted
d) Evidence of title to the deceased’s estate if the policy is not nominated, assigned or issued under M.W.P. Act.
e) Original Policy Document

      The following additional forms are called for if death occurs within three years from the date of risk or from date of revival/reinstatement.

a) Claim Form B – Medical Attendant’s Certificate to be completed by the Medical Attendant of the deceased during his/her last illness
b) Claim Form B1 – if the life assured received treatment in a hospital
c) Claim form B2 – to be completed by the Medical Attendant who treated the deceased life assured prior to his last illness.
d) Claim Form C – Certificate of Identity and burial or cremation to be completed and signed by a person of known character and responsibility
e) Claim form E – Certificate by Employer if the assured was employed person.
f) Certified copies of the First Information Report, the Post-mortem report and Police Investigation Report if death was due to accident or unnatural cause. These additional forms are required to satisfy ourselves on the genuineness of the claim, i.e., no material information that would have affected our acceptance of proposal has been withheld by the deceased at the time of proposal.

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